CONVERSATIONS IN NEW YORK: Dating, Love & Kindness 2 years ago

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So I'm still in New York and this episode is a conversation I had with a friend, Steven, who was born and bred in this city and took me on some very cool adventures.

If you want to try filming alone, I've written a post about how I work and what camera equipment I use here:

I filmed the DRONE FOOTAGE on this:

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I began hosting, producing and filming travel shows on TV, then in 2016 I started this YouTube channel in the hope of sharing stories that were unscripted, spontaneous, filled with more heart and emotion than the travel shows or vlogs I saw that only showed the surface layer or tourist attractions. It has been a challenging year, and certainly as a YouTuber I still have so far to go, but these adventures have filled me with tremendous gratitude and a desire to keep documenting the beauty and kindness of humanity all over the world.

I film and edit alone, travelling the world as a one-girl production company with tripods, my drone and multiple cameras. Although I am Australian, I have lived in many different countries around the world, including Italy, Japan, the UK, Spain and Monaco. I have studied Italian, Spanish and Japanese and I'm usually based in Italy.

I started this YouTube channel about 7 months ago and thanks to the support of such encouraging fellow dreamers, filmmakers and travellers around the world, I have decided to upload weekly vlogs to encourage others to travel, stay motivated and follow their dreams.

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